Trapped in linen. Suffocated in cloth.

As they wiggle and squirm in desperate search

of a fresh cool breeze.

The kinetic energy only further encourages

the heat to build up.

And all their dreams, hopes, longings of a lesser temperature to save them

from the fiery furnace, in which they

are bound, seem to slowly fade away.


Swimming helplessly in perspiration, the

ten of them struggle to break free,

but they endure, until…


A few begin to surrender, painfully

curling themselves in the shape of defeat,

submerged in a pool of sweat.

But finally, the cavalry arrive!

Removing the socks from her feet,

her toes can finally breathe, and all

hope is restored.


Makhala Kirwan


Author: pardonmyblogs

Hi, I'm Makhala. Most days, I lead a very boring life. On rare occasions, I do stuff. Sometimes I write about that. Comment, like, share and all that jazz. Ask me a question and I'll be sure to reply. Any further enquiries? You can contact me via Twitter:

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