“My Hair Is Nappy”

‬‪Written by Makhala Kirwan.‬
Inspired by Kendrick Lamar – The Blacker The Berry.

‪You hate me don’t you?‬
‪And I think I know why:

‪My hair is nappy.‬
‪My nose is rounded wide.‬
‪My lips are full and I speak my mind.‬
‪You believe we are not of the same kind.‬

‪My body moves so effortlessly ‬
‪Energy flows through me to the beat.‬
‪It amazes you how my people don’t have two left feet.‬

‪I scream and I holler when things don’t go my way.‬
‪It shocks you that I’d have so much to say.‬

‪Brown – not black – is the colour of my skin.‬
‪And the magic in my pigmentation is bursting out from in.‬

‪My food is well seasoned.‬
‪My music is cultured,‬
‪Yet they blame rap and hip hop for reasons why men turn to vultures.‬

‪On occasion, if any, your people would call ours “Pretty…”‬
‪”…For a Black Girl”, you’d add‬,
‪As though I’d need such pity.‬

‪After 400 [plus] years of whips and chains,‬
‪We were given back our freedom, yet things have not changed.‬

‪No more “massa”, “picanini” or things of that kind.‬
‪But it’s clear amongst our lifestyle that we’re still slaves of the mind.‬

‪We too are educated and can articulate,‬
‪Yet you still insist that you cannot relate.‬
‪The air we breathe is the same in our lungs.‬
‪Two eyes, ten toes, one liver, one tongue.‬

‪The God I serve has said we are the same.‬
‪And I hate to repeat myself, but I must ask again….‬

‪Why do you hate me?‬
‪Please… I would like to know why.‬
‪Is it because my hair is nappy,‬
‪And my nose is round and wide?‬

‪Maybe one day I’ll wake up, and we’ll all be free.‬
‪Maybe one day I’ll wake up and every nation will see.‬
‪Maybe one day I’ll wake up and death will no longer be.
‪Maybe one day you’ll realise, that we’re the same, you and me.


Author: pardonmyblogs

Hi, I'm Kala. Most days, I lead a very boring life. On rare occasions, I do stuff. Sometimes I write about that. Comment, like, share and all that jazz. Ask me a question and I'll be sure to reply. Any further enquiries? You can contact me via Twitter: https://twitter.com/kalakirwan

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